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As Non-Negotiable As Brushing Your Teeth In The AM

May 13, 2019

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Just like brushing your teeth in the AM, starting your day without your daily dose of brain food should be non-negotiable

Are you finding it hard to stay consistent in your biz, and find the energy to get sh*t done? 

This shouldn’t be surprising if you’re also putting 0 effort into inspiring yourself and working on your mindset.

And no I’m not adding another to-do to your list! This actually doesn’t even have to take up extra time (cause I too love the snooze button in the am)

This literally takes no extra time, as you can play it from your phone while you get ready in the morning, cook, do laundry. Literally anything where I can play an audiobook or podcast in the background, I usually do. 


When I’m coming out of a busy weekend full of events that takes me out of my routines and fill of brain food, I feel drained. My motivation and inspiration just goes down.

And any entrepreneur knows, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT! 

Keep your mindset right and vibes high

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