Biggest Visualization Mistakes [& How To Manifest Faster]

September 28, 2020

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So let’s talk visualization✨

How it works, why it works, and most importantly how to supercharge your visualization practice

So first why visualization works is because your brain doesn’t know the difference between
what is actually happening and what you are simply imagining.

So think about it, if you’re constantly worrying about something, you’re putting your brain and your whole body in a state of stress, I’m sure we’ve all been there we’ve imagined this, right?
So why not start to use this ability in a more positive way?

First of all, visualization is nothing new.

There’s nothing woo woo about it. It’s actually been used by some of the most successful people in the world visualization is used by athletes. Michael Phelps has come out and said, he’s just visualization Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey and the list goes on and on

The Science Behind Visualization

So there was a group of people who actually practise the piano every single day and they did brain scans of the day of their brain every single day that week and then a second group simply visualized practicing playing the piano for the exact same amount of time.

They were never near a piano. They just simply imagined playing it and at the end of the week their brain scans were almost identical,
So there was growth and neural pathways created in both of the group brains the people who actually played and the people who just imagined it.

So, how can you use this in your life to benefit you?

Maybe it’s visualizing yourself on stage giving that speech that you’re nervous about.

Maybe it’s visualizing yourself getting that job or closing that client or landing that interview or whatever it is you’re looking to do right

How can you bring more visualization into your life to imagine having the things that you want to achieve?

How amazing is that?!

So the people who just imagine playing the piano, still developed the same skills and the same abilities and even created new neural pathways in their brain simply from imagining playing the piano every single day just like practicing it for real. 

The Biggest Visualization Mistake

One of the biggest problems or reasons why people think visualization doesn’t work is because they’re simply visualizing without also feeling what they’re trying to achieve.

So they’re imagining, driving a Ferrari and making a million dollars. Meanwhile, their brain is thinking we’ll never achieve this. I’ll never have this, for whatever subconscious reason that is right. So unless you truly are feeling what it feels like to be driving that car or making that money or whatever it is that you want.

You’re never going to start to create those neural pathways. It’s never going to start to really be implemented into your brain.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

The reason for this is probably because you have some sort of subconscious belief getting in the way.

So maybe it’s cuz you never grew up with money, or maybe you think that you don’t deserve money. It could be any reason for anything that you want to achieve. And so this is where hypnosis comes in and really supercharges your visualization practice.

Because what hypnosis is getting to the root of your subconscious mind, so we’re turning off your conscious, thinking, analytical mind and getting right to your subconscious, so that we can rewire any of those limiting beliefs or shift any of those sabotaging behaviors that are holding you back or keeping you back in your visualization practice or making you think that for whatever reason you can’t achieve what it is you’re setting out to achieve.

Starting A Visualization Practice

So if you want to try visualization, maybe this is new to you. I have a free guided visualization that you can download.

It’s a quick 15 minutes and it’ll guide you through the whole practice. So you can just sit back relax and visualize your highest self.


BUT if you’re ready to supercharge your visualization practice and really start to make them big big shifts in your life really start to get out of your own way and quit those sabotaging behaviors.

And really get to the root of your subconscious beliefs so that you can show up as your highest self and really embody the feelings and emotions that come with that book a free consultation with me to learn more!

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