The Biggest Limiting Belief That Held Me Back For Years In My Business

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The Biggest Limiting Belief That Held Me Back For Years In My Business (& How To Avoid It As An Entrepreneur)

December 13, 2019

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I talk to a lot of new entrepreneurs and hear this time and time again…

I also know for me that I didn’t even do anything in my business for possibly years because of this… 

So lets clear this nasty belief right up..ok

It’s thinking you need to know absolutely everything about everything in order to teach other people, coach other people or even get paid by other people.

You don’t have to turn into this God like creature before you can start helping people

You Don’t Need To Be An Expert BEFORE You Can Begin

Just yesterday on a call with someone who was starting a consulting business to help new entrepreneurs, she was really nervous about being asked a question by her clients that she didn’t know how to answer.
Your clients are not at your level.

If this is a concern of yours,  taking for granted all of the things that you know because you know them, because maybe its a part of the work you do everyday, or the new habits that you’ve developed that you practice everyday. You’re discounting them to think everybody know this stuff, but they probably don’t.

For example I’m into fitness, health and wellness but when people start talking about actual science around training and gains, and micros and macros and ketones, for those on the keto diet, like i just have no clue – none.

So lets say you’re a fitness coach and this is what you teach.

So if you think you only know 50% about area, that’s still so much valuable information, that I can learn from you, implement from you, and ultimately benefit from and see results from you! (Yay happy dance)

Your clients also don’t really want years and years of information – they want results!

If I was working with a fitness coach, I wouldn’t want to know all of the science, studies, facts and specifics about how micros and macros work in my body to gain muscle  – I’d just want the results. Example to lose the fat, gain more muscle, have more energy.

Focus on the outcome, the transformation and less about knowing everything about everything for your clients.

Stop Playing the Comparison Game

The reason you most likely think you don’t know enough, or you’re not an expert enough, is because you’re comparing yourself to someone 10-100 steps ahead of you.

The truth is people are going to resonate with you more when you’re closer to their level. Much more than someone 100 steps ahead of them.

Going back to the fitness coach example, I already admitted I’m so new to this, I have no experience in this area, so I’m probably not going to go to the body building champion of the world for advice, because what they’re doing is sooooo ahead of me.

I want to implement fitness into my daily life, I’m no where near ready to training for body building competitions.

You may think this is an extreme example, but use where you are a strength to connect with your client more. To show them, I was just where you are now not long ago, I get what you’re feeling, what you’re going through and this helped me…

Use Who YOU Are As Your Strength

2 coaches could have the exact same experience and knowledge level, but deliver that through totally difference coaching styles and personalities. These personal differences could be the deciding factor in someone working with you over, someone else.

So if you think you’re awkward, or you swear too much, or you’re worried people are going to call you out about some part of you – make that part of your brand.

Own your differences, don’t shy away from them.

It’s these differences, and you being your authentic self that is going to make people connect with you more. People need to like you and trust you, before they choose to work with you.]

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