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Are Your Beliefs Blocking Your Success?

May 7, 2019

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I remember showing up on all of the free webinars on how to do X, Y or Z in my business and I would get so frustrated that they weren’t giving me the real goods. The exact strategies and tactics, I thought I was missing, and they seemed filled with ‘fluff’ 

The ‘you can do it’s’ and ‘if this person can, you can too’ type of cheerleading is what so many people were teaching.

I would roll my eyes at this and think, I do yoga, and I’m awesome. I don’t need more woo-woo to grow my business.

What I later realized was this ‘fluff’ ended up being the biggest difference in turning all of my ideas for a business into a real results. 

The problem wasn’t what I didn’t know. The problem was in my mindset blocks. 

Your beliefs encourage your behaviour.

For example if you don’t truly believe – without a doubt – that the world needs to hear what you’re teaching, or that you are worthy of the life and business of your dreams, than you’re much more likely to choose Netflix over working on your business. Or choose to spend your money getting black out drunk on the weekend instead of investing in your business.


Below I’m going over some common negative beliefs and mindset blocks and how to overcome them in order to take control of your mind and life again. 


BELIEF – I don’t have the time/money to start a business

BLOCK – Not believing you’re worth it


You’re not investing the money, because you’re not confident that you will make it back.

If I told you to give me $1000 and you’ll make $2000 back, you would probably give me all the money all have! But when it comes to investing in your business, you probably don’t want to invest $1 because you don’t believe in yourself enough to make it back.

Spending time on yourself works in a similar way. You’re probably not making the time because you don’t think you’re worth it. When you put everything and everyone else ahead of yourself on the priority list, you’re basically accepting that your goals are not important and not worth going after.

Well I’m hear to tell you are so worth it and those big dreams are hella worth going after!


Money and time work in the same way, in that the more you complain you don’t have any, the more you will not have. And vice versa. Spend more time on what lights you up and what gives you energy in order to create more.



  • Be mindful of how you talk about time and money.
  • Are you coming from a lack or an abundance mentality?
  • Write or repeat the below affirmations daily.

Time & Money Affirmations:

  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly. I am a money magnet
  • I have the freedom to do as I choose with my time.
  • I have time for everything that is important to me.


BELIEF – I’m not creative/I have nothing interesting to share

BLOCK – Feeling overwhelmed


There’s no inspiration in overwhelm. Forget about the million things you need to do to start a business and start one step at a time. Get clear on your purpose, why you’re doing what you do and who you’re doing it for.

When you’re more clear on your big why and who you are serving, it’s so much easier creating a captivating brand that people love.


Creativity and inspiration doesn’t have to come from only huge wins and big aha moments. Simply showing up as yourself and sharing your story and journey is going to be much more relatable to your audience than forcing yourself to show up as some watered down version of someone you’re trying to pretend to be.

Stop playing the comparison game and remember what makes you different is your super power. 


  • Create a daily practice that inspires and energizes you.
  • This can be as short as taking long deep breaths and journaling for 5-10 minutes or an hour of yoga and meditation. Do what works for you. Remember this is meant to energize you, not stress you out! Read my blog here on creating how daily rituals changed my life.

Creativity Affirmations: 

  • Divine inspiration surrounds me.
  • I am filled with infinite, creative energy.
  • I’m ready to share my authentic expression.


BELIEF – People will judge me online

BLOCK – Lack of confidence


I know how scary it can be to wonder what are people going to think?

But again we’re going back to your big why, and who you’re serving. 

I’m not worried about the small % of my Instagram followers wondering why I keep talking about my free course or how to start a business. 

Chances are they’re not my ideal client so i don’t care if they do unfollow me. 



  • What’s something you’re nervous people will call you out on or judge you for? Now make it apart of your brand! Example worried people won’t think your spiritual because you drink wine daily? Make I drink wine before I meditate apart of your brand.
  • Write or repeat the below affirmations daily.

Confidence Affirmations:

  • I am aware of my gift to the world and share it freely
  • I make a difference by showing up every day and doing my best
  • I am compassionate with others and myself


BELIEF – I’m not tech-savvy

BLOCK – Don’t feel smart enough / don’t have a degree or diploma / too lazy to learn


You absolutely do not need to be total-techie to have a successful online business. There are so many user friendly websites out there that can make website creation and marketing stupid simple. 

I’ve heard multiple people ask me if they had to go back to school to learn social media or marketing! Do you need to learn something new, yes sorry no way around that. But trust me when I say you can do all the learning you need at home, in your yoga pants, for free from my best friends Google and Youtube.

Is overwhelm creeping back again. Take a deep breath and remember. One. Step. At. A Time.


  • Think of all of the things that come so naturally to your now that were once very challenging. Examples could be driving, cooking (I’m still not great at this actually), your current job.
  • Break up a bigger goal, example, building a website into smaller achievable steps. One day you buy the domain, then start a Sqaurespace account, then make the pages one at a time. In no time you will have a gorgeous website, without pulling your hair out.

Intelligence Affirmations:

  • I am a creation of the Divine mind; all is perfect, and I am a genius in my own right
  • I trust in and am always connected to my divine intelligence
  • I am a fast learner and I memorize things with ease.
  • I am wise AF


BELIEF – No one will buy from me

BLOCK – Fear of rejection / fear of selling


Don’t worry about actually selling in the very beginning and just provide value.


Start by giving away free tips and tools, or answer common questions your ideal clients have. You can do this in the form of social media posts, blogs, videos, email opt-ins or free online courses.


Now I’m definitely not saying give everything away for free, because a girl’s gotta eat (….and shop, and travel and do all the things). But in the beginning this will help you to gain confidence in your knowledge, as
well as help to grow and build trust with your audience.



  • Think of 5 topics for blogs or videos you could create that would provide value to your ideal clients and place you as an authority figure in your industry.
  • Stuck for ideas? Ask your audience! Create polls and questions on Instagram to see what your audience what’s to know or learn more from you on.

Sales Affirmations:

  • People f*cking love to pay me
  • I am here on earth to share an important message
  • I am attracting all the people, circumstances and events I need to succeed
  • I have all the tools I need to achieve my goals


Are you ready to finally get out of your own way and step into your highest self? Connect to your higher self with my free guided hypnosis. Just like listening to a guided meditation, close your eyes, relax and listen, to help you visualize and connect to the version of you that has achieved your goals and desires. 




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