Why You Need Both Masculine AND Feminine Energy In Your Business

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Why You Need Both Masculine AND Feminine Energy In Your Business

June 6, 2019

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While I love yoga and meditating I never implemented this energy into my business until recently and let me tell you it is the biggest shift in my confidence, my business and myself.

No I’m not talking about doing headstands while on client calls 😉

Learning new skills and becoming a new person requires you to up level. Up levelling requires new energy and vibrations. And as my coach says, new levels, new devils. 

Your ego will be trying to keep you safe, free from possibly failing or looking dumb. AKA will have you not trying at all.

You’ll be filled with feelings of self doubt, apathy, procrastination and feelings of it makes no difference if I work on my business, no one cares, and it was going to fail anyways.  

Anyone been here before?

Not a fun place to be… 

It’s in these moments of choosing to push past the doubt and fear where you will build your confidence.

Using tools such as meditation and affirmations will help to take control of these thoughts, and protect your mindset for when your ego wants to keep you basic (bad ego, bad!)

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Work

Now on the flip side, I have also just meditated and wrote in a journal and not seen any results.

Do I believe in manifesting? Hell yes!

Do I also believe your have to take massive action along with the woo woo? Hell fricken yes!

When you’re not taking action, you’re telling the universe your not serious, you don’t really want it, so it doesn’t deliver. 

But in the spirit of taking action, here is a goal setting practice that perfectly uses the power of action and ease to get you to you manifesting those big dreams sooner.

Goal Setting Practice 

Write your goals down in the present tense as if it’s already happening.

Ex. I make at least $10,000 in June

Sit in this for a moment. Imagine it is already end of June and you just counted your $10k in sales/commissions.

  • How do you feel? Feel it in your body
  • What thoughts would you be saying to yourself?
  • What are you wearing?
  • Where are you?
  • Feel the moment with all your senses. Even let a big stupid smile come to your face 😀
  • What would you be doing? What actions is this person taking in their daily life?

Now before you go spend your imaginary $10k…think more habit wise.

If you already hit your sales goals would you still be procrastinating on getting your newest blog or video posted? Or following up with that potential client?

Hell no, because you know that’s just going to attract MORE clients, abundance and results. 

After really sinking into the feeling of it – It’s time to take action.

What 1 small action, even if it only takes 5 minutes can you take to get you closer to this goal.

Do it daily. 

This combination or action (masculine energy) and ease (feminine energy) will get you where you want to be way faster than using either alone. 

Want to get to your goals even faster?

Book a free consultation call with me to brainstorm ideas and daily mindset hacks.

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