3 step morning routine


3 Step Morning Routine To Slay Your Biz Goals

January 10, 2020

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In the spirit of new year – new you – new goals January 

I wanted to talk about some simple and quick ways we can implement your new biz goals into your daily life for just a few minutes. 

We want to make our goals apart of a daily practice so that they’re not left behind by February and we’re not you’re writing the same things down come Jan 2021.

So of course we’re going to be mixing some woo with some strategy, some of that masculine and feminine for the best results.

You can’t meditate you’re way to millions & you can’t hustle your way to happiness either. 

1 – Write Your Gratitudes

I like to start my day with gratitudes.

Showing gratitude for what you already have, is the best way to invite more into your life. 

If you’re constantly coming from a lack mentality of ‘I need this’ and ‘I don’t have that’ you’ll get more lack. 

If you’re focused on the abundance around you, showing gratitude for what you currently have constantly, you’re just inviting more abundance into your life. 

This is super simple. There are no rules to this, simple write a list as short or as long as you have time for.

It can be tiny things, like your morning coffee. This morning I literally wrote im grateful for my husband making me a coffee this morning!

Or it can be your health, your home. Absolutely anything, big or small that you are grateful for. 

Also think abouthow you can possibly flip things, that maybe you don’t love, into gratitudes. 

For example, maybe that job you’re trying to get out of, as you grow your business. 

Can you flip it into a gratitude?


  • I am grateful for the steady income coming in as I grow my business. It allows me to invest in myself and my business growth without worrying about buying groceries.

Writing your gratitudes gets easier and easier the more you practice it

2 – Write Your Goals

Everyday I write a short list of goals I’m focusing on. 

Write them in the positive, present tense and put a timeline on it. 

The more specific you can be there better


  • I sign 5 new dream clients in January 2020.

It’s positive✔️, present tense✔️ and has a timeline ✔️

Instead of writing things like

“I am out of my 10k debt” 

Rethink them to focus on abundance

“I make an additional 10k in my business this quarter.”

Becuase if you focus on debt, you’ll get more debt

If you focus on abundance, you’ll get more abundance

Write your list of goals every morning. Again this can be shorter or longer depending on how much time you have. 

You’ll be amazed at how your goals come true by bringing daily attention to them. 

3 – Daily Action Step

So here’s where we’re mixing in some strategy – some masculine energy into our morning practice. 

What small daily action can you do to move your business forward?

Now before you begin stress sweating, your daily action step doesn’t need to be I build my entire website today. 

It can be as simple as:

  • Messaging 1 person you think would be an ideal client
  • Brainstorm your first freebie 
  • Share valuable information on Instagram through a post or story

Download my free Goals Worksheet to help you reverse engineer your big goals into smaller goals and action steps. Aka how to build that road map to success

Small daily action & being consistent is what’s going to give you the momemtum to keep going. 

To recap, this is not supposed to be a new thing to stress you out.

I’d be lying if I said I get to these things every, single, day.

But I do it as often, and as much as I can. Some mornings it’s a 1-hour morning practice, some mornings it’s 5 minutes. 

But being as consistent as possible – even if it’s just 5 minutes instead of nothing – is when you will start to see a shift in your mindset, your habits, business growth. 

I wanna know… 

Do you do something like this currently?

Or if you do try on this morning practice for the first time, let me know how its working for you?!

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