5 Steps To Getting Your First 1000 Instagram Followers

January 30, 2019

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Admit it. You scroll mindlessly through Instagram probably first thing when you wake up, before you go to bed and several times throughout the day, without even thinking about it.

Chances are if you, and everyone you know if doing this, so are your ideal clients and customers! Instagram is an absolutely amazing and free way to grow and connect with your audience becuase 1. they are already there and 2. you can connect without directly selling. It’s an easy way to warm your audience up to you, get to know you so that when you ask for the sale, they will already know you and trust you.

I’ve bought many small and big ticket items through Instagram. Some I never would have even searched for if it wasn’t being sold right there in front of me (hoping my fiancé skips this line)!

Seriously I’ve bought that strange sticky bra that was all over every females feed at one point. The one that sticks on with no straps or back and is supposed to push up as you pull the string down. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry becuase it doesn’t work.

I’ve found much bigger ticket items like my current business coach who I followed for quite a while without even considering hiring her and even my wedding dress! Saw it, searched it, bought it from the store that posted it within days.

Anyways, this sh*t works! So let’s get into it already.. here are the 5 steps to getting your first 1000 followers on Instagram.

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1. Decide On Your Ideal Audience


Having 1000 random followers who are nothing like you, have no interest in what you post and would never buy your product or services is more pointless than the stupid (non) sticky bra I bought.

Get clear on the audience you are looking to attract. If you have a product or service, who is your ideal customer? What are they interested in, what are their hobbies, what would they like and scroll through on Instagram?

If you don’t have a product/service or business yet, why are you looking to grow your following? Are you hoping for endorsements from a brand? What is that brand’s ideal customer? Maybe you’re just posting about your life and a big part of that is for example working out. Think of your ideal audience as someone similar to you. People who share similar interests to you for example working out and/or heating healthy. 


2. Get Liking


To really grow your audience fast I like to use a little bit of automation, but tailoring it to your ideal audience so you don’t end up with a bunch of unrelated or robot accounts.

I love using Robolike for Instagram becuase it is able to like 100s of photos an hour for you, which will in turn help bring engagement and your following count up.

How does this work? Think about it, if someone you don’t know likes your photo, you are likely to go to their account and see who they are. If you like what you see, you’re also likely to like and follow that account.

Robolike will only like photos of the hashtags you enter into it, so be very particular about which hashtags you use. Go back to thinking about your ideal audience. What hashtags would they use on photos they post themselves? You want to be liking photos of your ideal customers to bring them to your account.

Example if you are a real estate agent you could enter hashtags like #realestate #homesforsale #justsold but these are likely being used by other real estate agents and not your ideal customers. Think what would your ideal customer use on their post? Maybe hashtags like #(yourcity)living #(yourcity)eats #(yourcity)sportsteam

Already in Robolike will be some suggested hashtags like #likeforlike #iglikers. I suggest removing ALL of these as this will just attract fake accounts and un-targeted audience. And an un-targeted audience is a useless audience.


3. Engage With Similar Audiences


This one takes more time but will be so worth it. Spend 10 minutes a day looking through a similar or competitors Instagram page and look for people engaging with their posts. Example liking and commenting.

Since you are looking at a similar account, their followers are likely your ideal audience. Engage with this audience by commenting, liking and even following people who you think would be a great fit for your account.

A 3,2,1 rule I once heard is to like 3 of a persons photos, comment on 2, and 1 follow of the same person. This will definitely have them wondering who you are, checking out your page, and if you did a good job of focusing on your ideal audience they will most likely love what they see and follow you.

This does take some more time, but seriously just try it for 10 minutes a day. I know you’re on there anyways for much longer without even realizing it!


4. Hashtags


Just like you find people through hashtags, you want yourself to be found through hashtags. You can post maximum 30 hashtags per post, but I’ve recently noticed using around 15 targeted hashtags is just right. All Hashtag is a great site for getting ideas for hashtags to use on your posts.

Use a mix of more broad and more niche hashtags. Broad hashtags will be more widely used, so there are many people looking at it, but also a lot of competition. Niche hashtags will be more specific, so less people searching them, but when they do, your posts will stand out more as there is less competition in them.

Example broad hashtag #healthyrecipe

Example niche hashtag #kalesmoothierecipe


5. Be You!


So simple, yet so so hard. People are looking for real connections on Instagram and growing tired of the I’m a perfect person act. Sure they may look great, but you can build a much stronger and trusting audience by being more relatable. Show up as your actual self, the way you would talk to a best friend.

You want to keep your Instagram feed pretty and polished, that’s fine, but use Instagram stories to engage with your audience, share behind the scenes look and more unfiltered moments.

Have fun with it! These stories will literally disappear in 24hrs and no one is thinking about what you’re posting even a fraction as much as you think. Trust me, they have their own lives and aren’t going to think ‘I can’t believe Janet would post that!’ and if they do, they are likely not your target audience anyways so, BYE FELICIA!

Think about it, you are more likely to comment, engage with something you relate to than just another beautiful photo. And more people viewing your stories and DM’ing you, signals to Instagram, people like what you’re posting and send more eyes to your posts. Just like magic.


Get Into Action


Now please don’t just throw away the precious moments you spent reading this by not implementing it! Spending 15 minutes a day implementing what I just taught you will give you huge results. Set a reminder and a timer and you’ll be done before you even managed to complain about how you don’t have time

Share your results! Let me know what worked best for you and how quickly you got your first 1000 followers on Instagram.


Looking for more?


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