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How To Show Up Confident When You’re Brand New

January 4, 2019

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You have to show up and suck, before you can show up and shine.

I love and hate this quote because first, it’s so obviously true, and second because I hate doing things when I suck at them.

I first heard this from @kinndliq in my yoga teacher training years ago and am feeling it more than ever right now. I love yoga and have been to hundreds, maybe thousands, of classes, but I felt like I had no experience teaching and therefore no confidence teaching.


What my genius self didn’t realize was I wouldn’t ever become confident teaching, until I literally showed up, sucked, got all the nerves and perfusive sweat out of the way, that I would develop the confidence.

I’m feeling this all over again today as I’m working on launching my new business. But as corny as it sounds, and however terrified you may be to move forward, just remember, you, unfortunately, have to show up and suck before you can show up and shine.


You’re Not Alone


Last night, while watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (hilarious show, I watched 5 episodes in a row, highly recommend watching… probably not 5 in a row though) Midge “bombed” for the first time in her stand up comedy act.

When she was done she told her manager she was done, and that ’she doesn’t bomb. Of course, her manager said she would bomb again. And again. And again, because that’s what all of the best stand up comics have done. They likely just did it before you knew of them in all of their glory.


If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sure you can think of an example in your own life. Something you were once so nervous about or new at, that you can now do with your eyes closed. Maybe driving? The first time you got behind the wheel it was hands at 10 and 2, music off and full concentration on.

Eventually, it became second nature and we all think we can drive while also texting in group chats, scrolling through Instagram and looking for the best song for your current mood (I am not endorsing this behaviour, but please admit it’s true!)


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While it’s totally normal to feel this way…It definitely does not mean that you’re not cut out for this, or you’re not good enough.

It’s just something new you need to overcome. And here’s exactly how to do that:


1 – Take Action

Any action big or small is going to bring more clarity and confidence around your business.


2 – You DO NOT have to be an expert

Stop comparing yourself to people 1000 steps ahead of you and focus on being 1 step ahead of your ideal client.


3 – You DO NOT have to have it all figured out

You don’t have to know everything, you just need a plan to get you there!


Let’s map out what your dream biz road map look likes and the daily action steps you need to get your there.

Book a free coaching call at elisareale.com/freecall


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