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My Morning Routine

February 12, 2019

Hey, I'm Elisa!
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My morning routine

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I know you’ve heard all the rage about having a morning practice lately.

If you’re anything like used to be, you roll your eyes at this because your morning goals are to press snooze once instead of 7 times tomorrow morning. Oops! 

From a fellow ‘non morning person’ trust me when I say this sh*t works and is so so worth making the time for, even if it is 5 or 10 minutes. 

I like a daily practice because it allows me to set the tone for my day rather than vice versa. We all have shit to do, places to be, people to see, but wouldn’t you rather show up as your best self to things?

Instead of your stressed, tired, scatter brain self? Think about it, you’re doing not only yourself but everyone around you a favour. 

And before you say you don’t have the time. I am calling bullshit. I can bet you spend at least 15 mindless minutes on Instagram.

Only have 5 minutes. Start with 5 minutes.
Just sit and count your breaths for 5 whole minutes
Or journal everything you’re grateful for in 5 minutes.
Then notice how you feel after..?

Here’s what my morning routine has been looking like these days:

HYDRATE – 5 Mins 

I start with a tall glass of water mixed with tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, squeeze of lemon and pinch of himalayan sea salt (add more of these if you hate apple cider like I do). 

MEDITATE – 10 Mins 

I’m currently listening to Chakra Girls guided meditations which average 10 minutes.

Tip – If you’re new to meditation try starting with a guided meditation. They will walk you through exactly what to do. How to breath, how to sit, how to control your thinking, basically everything so you don’t have to think at all. Some great apps are Headspace, Calm & Insight Timer. 


JOURNAL – 10 Mins 

I like to write a list of things I’m grateful for, affirmations and goals. 


The gratitude list can be as small as a nice coffee if I have one, or as big as my family and friends. Showing gratitude for what you have is the best way to invite more into your life. 


Affirmations are simply statements usually written as I am statements to work as a reminder or help you to feel a certain way. One I currently write is I am open to receiving love, money and abundance. Use this or write any other word that you want to embody or feel after “I am… 


Everyday I write a short list of goals I’m focusing on. I write them as an “I am” statements and put a time limit on them. 

Example I travel to to LA, Miami, Japan, Bali and Cyprus in 2019. You’ll be amazed at how your goals come true by bringing daily attention to them. 

Sometimes I’ll free write what’s going on, things I’m planning or thinking. There’s no rules to journalling. Do what feels good or natural to you. Start with less and on what works for you. 

Tip – Start with the 1,3,5. Write 1 affirmation, 3 goals and 5 things you are grateful for. This 2 minute practice is easiest way to get into a positive mindset.

MOVEMENT – 10 Mins 

 I keep it really light most morning with simple yoga stretches to wake up my body and mind. Sometimes it’s less than 10 minutes, sometimes its more depending on how I feel. 

Tip – Start with less and build as you go. There are so many amazing videos on Youtube for morning yoga from 5-30 minutes long. 

WORK – cuz you can’t make money meditating

After this I feel ready AF to crush off some to-do’s. Use this fresh mind for your biggest and hardest tasks. AVOID social media and email at all costs as these are filled with distractions that will take your time and accomplish nothing. 

Tip -As Brian Tracy says, eat that frog. Start with your biggest, hardest or must unwanted to do and get it right out of the way instead of let it haunt you in the back of your mind as the day goes on. 

I want to hear from you! Do you have a morning routine that looks different? Which of these practices are you most excited to try? 

Oh ya and don’t hog all the good stuff! Pass this on to a friend who would benefit from this. Trust me it has taken years to become a habit, and I still don’t get to it eeeeveryday, but it will be so worth it when you do. 


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  1. I love this! My morning routine could use a LOT more of this level of self-care! I’m gonna take this and run with it. Starting MONDAY! Also, I hate apple cider vinegar, too, so I’m excited to try your approach to see if I can swallow it this time around. Literally bought some yesterday to try to force myself lol.

    • admin says:

      Also have a love/hate relationship with apple cider vinegar! lol But this mix is the best for masking the taste, the more lemon the better too 😉 So happy you’re going to try this, get ready for life changing mornings

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