How to Drive Traffic to Your Website With Pinterest

May 24, 2018

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Whether you use Pinterest personally for decor inspo or healthy recipe ideas, using it for your business is a no brainer, if you want drive traffic to your website.

Pinterest has 200 million active monthly users and this number is only getting bigger as Pinterest saw 40% growth in 2017 – Basically, its not going anywhere and you’re missing out by ignoring it!

Pinterest is different from other social networks (and better for business in my opinion) because it acts as a search engine to rank your content.

Play the SEO game rules correctly and you no longer need to worry about constantly posting your day Instagram and going live on Facebook to grow your engagement.

This was a huge sigh of relief for me as I never was one to share every detail of my day on social media, and knew there had to be a better way to drive traffic to your website.

Using Keywords to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Becuase Pinterest acts as a search engine, it’s also bringing more targeted traffic to your profile and website. By putting popular search keywords in your Pinterest profile, boards and pins you’ll be more easy to find by users searching those terms.

I’ll use my Pinterest profile as an example for how to optimize your account to be SEO friendly.

Below is the description I wrote for my board Pinterest Marketing Tips. The bolded terms are keywords (aka terms users with search) and that I want my board to come up as a result for. Write you board descriptions with keywords in mind, but still keep it in sentence form and conversational.

Learn how to use Pinterest and Pinterest ads in your business to increase blog traffic, drive traffic to your website, get more subscribers and find high paying clients online. Learn how to automate your Pinterest profile with Tailwind for optimal pinning!

You can optimize pins you post with keywords and hashtags as well. Keyword stuffing has recently become a no no in Pinterest. So make sure you are using your keywords in a conversational/sentence form. For example if I make a pin for my Pinterest Marketing Tips board, I would put keywords and hashtags that relate to the blog post the pin is linking back to. An example of this is below.

Ex Learn how to drive traffic to your website with Pinterest using these pin and board keyword tactics. SEO practices and traffic building tips for Pinterest outlined here. #pinterestforbusiness #increaseblogtraffic, #pinterestmarketing #pinterestcoaching

Using Pinterest consistently in this way can drive traffic to your website in less time than any other social media platform.

Looking for more help with you Pinterest? Check out my Pinterest Services here and get to work!

Happy Pinning 🙂

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