Why You NEED a Blog for Your Business

May 24, 2018

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No matter what you’re business is, even if its not an online business, you’re potential customers and clients ARE online and are hungry for your content and information.

A blog is a great tool to get more traffic to your site and grow your audience. If you’re thinking, great but, I have no idea what to write in my blog, just think of questions your ideal customer would have about your product/service?

What do they need to know, expect, myth busters, benefits, and ultimately how is your products/service going to help them.

Ex – a travel agent could write a blog post on the top weekend getaways under $1000 or a clothing store could write a blog post on the 5 Must Have Closet Staples or How to Style a product 5 different ways.

Why you need a blog for your business

Content is King

And Queen really – when it comes to ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and my fav, Pinterest.

By sharing informative text and keywords on your blog you’re more likely to bring organic traffic to your site.

If you don’t have a blog, you can easily start one on WordPress or Squarespace.

Would love to hear your feedback or any questions you have around starting a blog.

Until next time 😉

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