Validate Your Business Idea

February 27, 2019

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Validating Your Business Idea     


So you want to start an online business but not quite sure which of your dozens of ideas to go with? Or maybe you know you want to start a business but have no clue what to do?

In both cases, I’ve been there, and I got you 😉

Help! I don’t have a business idea…

A very easy business to start could be coaching or consulting on things your already good at. If nothing comes to mind – because you’re just so modest – ask friends and family what your strengths are. I’ve done this a few times and am always a little surprised by something.

We often don’t recognize our strengths because they are things that come so naturally to us. 

Get Inspired


Another great brainstorming idea is to look at current businesses or online courses being sold online. A great place to look is Skillshare. You may be surprised to see the vast selection of course topics available from Photography, calligraphy writing, bread making, how to go viral, and literally thousands more.

Competition Is Good

Seeing courses with similar courses to yours is actually a really good sign. This proves that there is a market for this topic and people are buying it. And before getting scared away by the competition, know that the way you teach something and your unique experience, knowledge and personality are actually your ‘secret sauce’

Just imagine if Nsync decided there was already a Backstreet Boys and so they didn’t need to start a boy band. We would be living in a world without Justin Timberlake!

Don’t let a little competition make you feel inferior. Often times clients connect and resonate more with someone who is just 1 or 2 steps ahead of them, instead of on a whole other level.

If the competition still has you sweatin’ check out my blog on How to Build Confidence


Market Research


Before creating an entire course or program you also want to validate your idea with actual people. Instagram and Facebook (or any other network you prefer really) is great for this. 

Create some polls on your Instagram story and in Facebook groups where your ideal clients would be. Even better is offering a free short coaching call in exchange for answering some market research questions with potential clients.

Example questions a coach could ask are:

  • Have you considered hiring a coach in the past?
  • What’s stopping you from moving forward?
  • Why would you hire a coach?
  • What results would you expect to see after working together?
  • How do I stand out from other coaches?

These can be tweaked to fit any course or product idea as well and are only ideas. Try to get them talking and get as much feedback as possible. Try to get clear on what your ideal clients problems are and how can you help solve them.


Test It Out


You can take your market research a step further by actually offering someone a free or highly discounted offering of your service or product in exchange for a testimonial.

This is a great way to get your feet wet, gain some confidence and most of all get more feedback. Ask what working and what isn’t, what your test subject likes and doesn’t like. You’ll likely need to work out some kinks in your offering and that’s totally ok. This is a great learning experience for you that will only help you to improve.

I want to hear your ideas! Leave a comment or DM or email me.

Ready for more?

Now that you got your business idea, it’s time to get my 5 Steps to Creating Your Dream Life & Boss Babe Business here.

I’m sharing mindset tips to help you overcome any fears and doubts and clear action steps to take to make your biz a success. Click here to get the goods.


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