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5 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

December 16, 2018

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1. Social Media Manager 

You’re on Instagram all day anyways, why not make some money from it! 

Seriously though, any millennial knows social media basics and have tons of experience being marketed to on these apps daily. Without having any experience being a marketer, just think about what type of posts and ads stick out to you online? Why did they get your attention? How can you teach or implement this into other businesses? 

Is Instagram your jam? Maybe Pinterest is more your expertise? You can choose to specialize in one social network and really hone in on your skills or offer full social media management across all the big ones, Facebooks, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. 

Hootsuite is a great tool to help you schedule your work so you’re not literally sitting down and creating posts daily. For example, I will schedule a month’s worth of posts in one afternoon instead of stressing about it daily. Hootsuite also has great teaching resources to help beginners learn how to crush it on social. 

Use batch working to get more focused work done in less distracted time.

How Can You Make Money As A Social Media Manager? 

  • Charge monthly rate. Ex $500/month for 1 post a day. 
  • Charge per post. Ex $25 per post (Good for customers who need less or good way to show off your work)
  • Full Social Management. Ex $1000/month for daily posts on all social networks, including responding to inquiries and engaging with audience.

2. Online Coaching 

Think of something in your life that has changed your life for the better? Maybe it’s a habit, or strength you have. Sometimes the thing we’re good at doesn’t even seem like a strength because it’s so easy or natural to you. 

If you can’t think of anything yourself, think of what friends or family ask you for advice or help with? Maybe its those amazing recipes you make seem so easy to make, or your exercise routine, your eye for fashion/make-up or interior design? 

Think of something, anything you’re great at, before reading any further……got it? Great!

While you may not consider yourself an “expert” in this area, that’s totally ok! You just need to be 1 step ahead of where your potential students are. Not being a ‘guru expert’ will actually help them to relate to you more and believe that making progress is possible for them too. 

Think of all of the habits, tips or tools that people need to learn what you know and create a program that can take them from where they are now (helpless beginner) to where you are (natural pro). Programs can be as short or long as you think it takes for your clients to see a transformation.

How Can You Make Money As A Coach?

  • One on One Programs. Ex $1800 for 4 month program including weekly calls and email access.
  • Group Programs . Ex $900 for 6 week program including weekly group mastermind calls and bi weekly private calls. 

3. Freelance Online Marketing 

Being found online is a top priority for any business owner. While every business owner knows this, they don’t all have the skills or time to do this themselves, or may not have a big enough need to hire a full-time employee either. 

Freelance online marketing work can be very lucrative and easy to learn. There are so many different skills in high demand and free resources to learn them on. A few top ideas include: 

How Can You Make Money With Freelance Online Marketing?

  • Charge hourly. Ex $20-$30/hr depending on skill level
  • Charge per project. Ex $300 for each ad set up and 50% of ad budget for maintenance. 

4. Web Design / Graphic Designer

Have you ever bought a product or service without checking it out online first? Most likely not.

While learning web and graphic design is much easier than you may think, most business owners don’t want to take the time, as short as it may be, they have their own business to run.

  • Squarespace is becoming more popular for its beautiful design and ease of use. I’ve seen people with no coding or design experience do this themselves. With hundreds of templates to choose from and lots of support and guides available anyone can create a website using Squarespace.
  • WordPress is the most popular website creator but does require a bit more knowledge of web design, and coding experience is even better. I almost gave up on WordPress myself until I found Divi Themes for WordPress. Their visual builder helps you make edits directly on your page and makes you feel like a design genius, without actually being one 😉
  • Canva is amazing for creating professional looking graphic design with its drag and drop usability and gorgeous templates to use and inspire. Canva is perfect for the beginner not quite ready for more advanced Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Using these programs can also help your clients longterm if they choose to edit the site themselves moving forward. Alternatively you can charge them for regular upkeep and updates to the site, a great recurring income with little time required. 

How Can You Make Money As A Web/Graphic Designer?

  • Charge Per Project. Ex $1500 for 5-page website 
  • Charge Per Hour. Ex $30/hour with a discussion of what work is expected and an estimate of how long it should take to complete
  • Website Maintenance. Ex $150/month for all necessary site upgrades and updates. 

5. Online Courses

Any of the business ideas above can also be turned into online courses. Instead of doing the work of managing a companies social media, or online marketing, you can create a course that would teach your students how to do it themselves. 

This can be very lucrative as you create the course one time, and can sell it an unlimited amount of times. Truly passive income. 

Creating passive income streams in your business makes your scalability endless!

Creating an online course does not require any coding and web design skills with many user friendly course creator sites available including Teachable and Udemy. These are also great resources for getting inspired from other courses already created on these platforms. 

How Can You Make Money With Online Courses?

Online courses can range anywhere from $99-$999. Of course the more you charge, the more value you want to provide, but know that more content is not necessarily better with online courses. Your online course should be actionable and not so long that it’s overwhelming and impossible to finish.

Now What?

Know that people are making a living, working online and living a life on their own terms, using these exact online business ideas and hundreds of others I didn’t even touch on. Know that if it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you. 

If not not now, then when? If not you, then who?

I want to hear from you? Which of these online business ideas interests you most? Which online business idea would you like more information or guidance on starting? 

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